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Victoria Regina Tarot - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • Made from a collage of Victorian era steel engravings of late nineteenth century figures and settings, these black and
  • white cards in the Victoria Regina Tarot are complicated and fascinating.

Name Victoria Regina Tarot
Creators George Patterson, Sarah Ovenall
Publisher Llewellyn 2002
Deck Type Tarot Deck
Cards 78

outstanding! Good thing, too, as the box they came in literally fell apart (as if it weren't glued together at all) and had to be stapled back together!

At 3 1/4" by 5 1/2", this deck is a little larger than some. It is done on good quality stock glossy stock with a slick finish, so it will be a little difficult for those with small hands to work with. However - they will find a way, as this is really a "one of a kind" deck ... a genuine "find". It is done with the use of collage, in black and white, based around a Victorian theme and using Victorian engravings.

The backs of the cards are white, with a black edging 1/4" in from the edge, followed by a smaller black edging 1/8" from that. In the center is the profile of Queen Victoria, surrounded by a lotus like circular edge. A white edge surrounds this, with three cornered leaves coming out from the circle at the four corners.

The face of the cards has a 1/4 " white edging, with the central picture outlined in black and the graphics done in black and white. At the bottom of the card is the card number and name. The symbols for the suits are unique to this deck, and to the Victorian era. Wands are represented by steel writing pens; Cups are represented by mason jars; Swords are represented by guns and Coins are represented by pocket watches.

The introduction contains some background on the Victorian era, but not enough to become overwhelming. It serves its purpose well - as a backdrop for the cards in this deck.

The pictures in the book, as in the deck, are black and white. For each card there is a scan of the card, a description of the energy of the card, an interpretation and a short section on what that card could be in the Seeker's life. There is also a wonderful note at the end of each card on the sources for the graphics for that card. An added comment here - although this is a Victorian deck, there is cultural diversity - i.e. the Four of Coins references Asian culture, while the Star references a seeming Gypsy culture and the Nine of Wands references African culture.

I loved all of the cards, especially the Aces (all of them), the High Priestess, Strength, the Two of Coins and the Hermit. The example below shows the write-up for the Two of Coins.


A man stands holding two clocks, one in each hand. He is dressed for the outdoors and stepping forward. He may have lost his grip on one of the clocks, or he may be about to regain it. Behind him is an inverted stonework arch.


The Victorian era was a time of great invention, yet it held on fiercely to the traditions of the past. People traveled by railroad and steamship. The cities were lit up by gas, and then electric light. But even without considering questions of poverty, of those left behind by progress, there were always old things existing with the new. Candles did not cease to exist when gas lights became available in the house. While some wanted the newest mass-produced fashions, others sought out designers like William Morris. The nineteenth-century Arts and Crafts Movement in England and the US explicitly equated the new and modern with the shoddy and ugly and strove to return to the grace and style of earlier times. At the same time, Morris was influenced by Karl Marx and the socialists and understood the extent to which many were not able (and had been historically unable) to acquire beautiful things.

The clocks we see in the Two of Coins may show the same time, or t hey may be twelve hours apart. Are we attempting to balance opposites, or are we failing to see connections? Just as the Victorians attempted to resolve their fascination with the new with a respect for tradition, we often find ourselves faced with forces that seem to be pulling us in opposite directions. It is a delicate balance that we must maintain. One of the lessons that we can learn from this card is that we must take an active role in life. We cannot stand passively by and expect everything to work out. The goal is to understand our options and act. If there are conflicts, we must attempt to understand them and resolve them. If we forget the lessons we learned in the past, we may not be able to understand what happens in the future. If we cling too tightly to what is safe and secure, we will stagnate and not make any progress in our work.

The Two Of Coins In Your Life:

The Two Of Coins, with its focus on balance, can refer to problems of financial juggling or trying to make ends meet. Or it may be other resources that you are trying to balance. If you're overextended at work or at home or both, it may be time to make some decisions. Unless you want to keep juggling forever, you have to decide which things are most important and which you might be able to drop, even if only for the moment.

Notes on Sources:

The figure on this card was originally shown "Slipping the Greyhounds", that is, releasing his dogs at a sporting event."

I always go to the back of the book first (after playing with the cards) - looking for new spreads. I was not disappointed. Sarah gives some very nice tips on setting up a reading, forming the question and interpreting the cards. She presents a Five Card Spread for use as a general spread; the Victoria's Sceptre spread as a spread for use in dealing with creative endeavours; and the Victoria's Chalice spread for dealing with emotional questions (this spread has a sample reading along with it).

The Victoria Regina Tarot Deck and companion book are very well done - in fact, a true joy to work with! I recommend this deck (and book) highly to all Tarot aficionado's - at all levels.

PS - It came with its own very lovely Tarot bag!

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