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Titania's Fortune Cards - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • Titania's Fortune Cards are a modern reinterpretation of lle. Lenormand's Fortune Telling Cards. These cards are very
  • simple - each featuring a single object - and are almost fluorescently coloured.

Name Titania's Fortune Cards
Creators Titania Hardie
Publisher Cedco Publishing Company
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 36


Hardie states that these cards are easier to understand than the Tarot, and perhaps more flexible, as the cards can be laid out in a number of ways. Personally I feel that Titania has breathed new life into these otherwise archaic images, though I suspect that some would feel that she has totally butchered the original symbology.

As with all of Titania's merchandise, this set is exquisitely presented. The set is contained with a metallic-gold, hard-covered folder. When you open out the folder, there is a cubby-hole on the left for the cards and the accompanying book is on the right.

The book is 96 pages and it dedicates two pages to each of the 36 cards. One page contains a comprehensive description of the cards meaning, the other shows a coloured picture of the card. The book also contains a section on Understanding the Cards; How to Lay Out and Read the Cards; Three different spread layouts (with sample readings); and a quick overview of the card meanings.

The suggested spreads are: seven-card (for a daily reading), nine-card (for a weekly reading), and 36-cards (for a monthly spread though it is suggested that you do this extended reading once every three months).

I like to use the nine-card spread and then select a card from that to do the expanded (36-card) spread. Usually I will use the card that looks odd, or out of position, so that I can learn some more about it. However, it is not uncommon to take more than one card from the nine and do an expanded reading on each. Interestingly, this is where the common and underlying themes are repeated.

Unlike Tarot, these Fortune Card spreads do not have a position meaning. Rather, the cards are read in sentences and their interpretation varies depending on where they fall in relation to one another. So it is the combination of some cards that bring meaning to the reading. However, some combinations of cards mean nothing, and then the individual interpretation of that card is applied.

I love the artwork. I find that it is colourful and simple and can evoke intuitive responses. Many of the meanings can be applied literally. For example, the child with the stork would represent a pregnancy. The man and the dog, means a friendly man. The backs of the cards display mini images of the 36 card fronts - very bright and colourful imagery.

The deck does not reveal time frames, though I expect this could be intuited easily by the reader. Ive found that in general that the extended (36-card reading) can often take up to three months to come to fruition. This may be why Titania suggests that it be used over that period.

This was the first ever Tarot/Oracle deck that I purchased and I made an immediate connection with it. It is a reasonably priced deck, I paid under A$20. I would recommend it for anybody who is interested in quick and simple readings. However, be warned, it can also provide insight into deep or hidden problems.

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