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Oracle of Shadows and Light - oracle decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Oracle decks

Price: US $16.60

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About this item
  • The Oracle of Shadows and Light is a cute and quirky little oracle of 45 cards. It features large-eyed faeries, ghosts and angels that are reminiscent of Blythe dolls, each with a slightly shadowy personality or theme.

Name Oracle of Shadows and Light
Creators Lucy Cavendish, Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Publisher Blue Angel Gallery 2010
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 45


Little did I know what treasure from Australia was waiting in my mailbox on May 18th. Tearing open the package, dropping the box on my lap, discovering this 45 card deck, along with 136 page, in-depth book, surely brought a squeal of delight to my lips.

Upon opening the box for this deck and book set, one is greeted by witches, angels, faeries, and ghosts which are delightful, albeit a little dark. All deliver honest, thought provoking messages that force you to do the Shadow Work, which most people have a tendency to avoid.

The art can be described as Goth meets Precious Moments. A majority of the little beings portrayed in the cards have wide faces, with large round, predominant eyes, that appear to see right into the depths of your soul. They also come from many different back grounds, from Japanese, Hindu, Hawaiian, and in-between, both physical and ethereal.

To give you a taste of the deck, let’s look at a few cards, drawn at random:

Card 6
Autumn Is My Last Chance; Keywords: Please don’t lose hope

This image shows us a solitary black winged Fae, in the misty woods. The expression on her face is almost tearful. She has nothing with her, except that she is holding a bright, shining, red apple. Thus giving us hope that not all is lost, that we still have in our possession what we need to continue moving forward on our path.

Card 14
Marie Masquerade; Keywords: Glamour, intrigue, drama

Marie is a traditional, old-school southern belle. She looks like she has just come from a Masquerade and is still holding her mask. She has a ship and feathers in her hair. You can tell that there is much drama that revolves around her. You can also tell that she truly enjoys the finer things in life. Among other things, she reminds us about looking inside and finding our own truth, when it comes to the relationships in our lives.

Card 19
Amara the Menehune; Keywords: Aloha healing

Amara represents the spirit of the tropics. She is a beautiful Hawaiian, wearing traditional island attire, including a lei, grass skirt, and flowers in her hair. She stands in front of a waterfall. Birds of Paradise are growing close to Amara. She reminds us how to better care for our body and to take a holistic approach.

The cards measure 5 3/8” tall x 3 7/8” wide. They are of a nice quality cardstock that flex nicely, with a shiny lamination. Due to the larger size, most will need to adapt their shuffling method, especially those with smaller hands. The cards are numbered at the top center of each card. The title is easy to read on the bottom of each card, with key words below the title.

The card backs feature the center image from card number twenty one, the Angel of Alchemy. She is a dark winged angel, with her arms folded across her chest. The card backs are not reversible, but the deck is balanced enough, that the entire deck can be read upright.

Using the deck you will find the messages are straight forward and a little in your face, whether you choose to use the book, read the cards intuitively or read the imagery. Do not expect fluffy bunny style readings with this deck.

The in-depth, 136 page book that comes with the deck, is very insightful. Lucy has yet again, given us a delightful peek into her world. She discusses the reaction one might have to the word “Strange,” in a wonderful way, that acknowledges we are all a bit quirky in our own way.

In the book, Lucy discusses the different types of beings of Shadow and Light and how to work with them. She also explains in detail how to work with the Oracle deck, how to conduct a reading. There are three different spreads shared in the book. There is a small version of each card image, done in black in white, in the book. You will also find an “About,” along with “Speaks,” and “Divination Meaning,” for each card.

This deck/book set would be best used for Shadow Work and healing, whether you are a beginner and are interested in self-healing or for the professional, working with clients. It shows us that we should not be afraid to work through our fears and that Shadow is just as important as the Light.

This set would make a nice gift for the person who loves to read cards and is looking for a deck that is balanced with light and dark imagery and messages.

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