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A'HA Oracle - oracle decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Oracle decks

Price: US $15.50

ProductID: alt003

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About this item
  • The A'HA Oracle has 77 cards (18 colour cards and 56 black and white cards) with intuitive mandala artworks on each.
  • The deck is designed to spark resonance between universal symbols and our collective unconscious, and be a tool for
  • contemplation, spiritual guidance and clear insight.

Name A'HA Oracle
Creators Linnie Lambrechtsen
Publisher Self Published 2007
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 77
Card Size 3.50 x 5.00 in. = 8.89cm x 12.70cm
Card Language English
Card Back Non-reversible
Back Design Two hands cupping a candle flame and the words A'HA Oracle


In general I can find oracles a little restricting and for me difficult to read, often the images just don't inspire me in the way the images do on my Tarot decks.

So why did I buy the A'HA? Well, I'm not sure really, I liked the fact it didn't look like another sickly sweet oracle and I thought the images on the website looked interesting.

I am so glad I did though, this really is an oracle in it's own class. Starting off with the card stock - it's great! The box is one like the Doreen Virtue oracles, so sturdy and protective. The LWB is great, very thought provoking and beautifully personal to the author which gives the deck a really special feel.

There are no keywords on the cards, just a number you can use for help with the interpretation. I really liked this aspect, it means you can really look at the card with no distractions on what it means to someone else, even the creator, these cards dont tell you what to think, they facilitate you to think.

My next task was to see if I could read with them, and I am pleased to say that these pictures do convey their meanings and inspire my intuition wonderfully. It feels like a deck that really reaches in and will help me with the inner journey I am going through at the moment. The messages are nurturing and clear and have been in my short experiance so very relevant every time.

If I only had one oracle it would have to be this one, I don't think your experience, or lack of, matters one little bit with this deck - it wants to talk to you, wants to work with you. As well as normal oracle use ie advice etc I would really recommend these cards to anyone working through issues or needing true inner guidance, but equally I would ask them if the job I want is a good idea etc.

Linnie is excellent to deal with. I received my cards quickly with fantastic communication all the way, so I can also recommend her from that point of view as well as her beautiful deck.

I love this deck! I love the love that's so obviously gone into it, I love the images, I love the quality and the LWB. I wish there was a pocket size one that I could keep in my bag as well!

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