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How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt With No Pain and Big Gains

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About this item
  • Paperback, Createspace Independent Pub, 2012, ISBN13 9781480290501, ISBN10 1480290505
Got two minutes to spare? Can afford $5 without it affecting the rest of your day? Then you have all that is needed to pay off your credit card debt. The benefits of "How to Pay Off Credit Card Debts" are: - It's simple, very simple - anybody can follow it. - It's quick, very quick - two minutes a day, that's all the focus you need to give. - It will snowball, faster than you think, in fact, it will create an avalanche - It will make you feel positive towards your credit card debt, rather than lousy - this is the best part - You will automatically know what to do and when to do it, without somebody telling you to change everything or anything about your life. - It works regardless of the size of your debt, whether your debt is the equivalent of $500 or $500,000. Have you got every credit card you own maxed out? Do you feel depressed just thinking about it? Do you want to pay it off but find you can't even bring yourself to face what you owe? Everybody says to pay this enormous, headache creating credit card d ebt you must "Pay more off each month"; "Get another job to earn more"; "Sell your body parts to medical science"; "Cut up your cards and never use them again" ... What Cut up your cards, what about that shopping trip you were just about to go on? It's all too much to face. They're asking for a total change in lifestyle and for you to work even harder than you do already. But you created these debts. Nobody forced you to borrow so much, they just made it easy for you. You need to pay them off, legitimately. I know how you feel. You're certainly not alone. I was there. Four credit cards maxed to the hilt; two overdrafts, maxed to the hilt; and the biggest bank loan I could get. What was I doing about it? Using the little left on my cards to drown my sorrows Then I applied a very, very simple technique to my debt. The same technique I had used many times in other aspects of my life. All those depressing analyzations I completely ignored. And I never changed my lifestyle. Instead I did a two minute action which changed my life, and the balance on my credit cards, massively. Whether your debt is the equivalent of $500 or $500,000 this will work. All you need is: - two spare minutes a day - to want to reduce / eliminate your credit card debt - to buy "How to Pay Off Credit Card Debts" (buying this will show you have both the capability and the commitment to make it happen - for YOU) That's it "How to pay off credit card debts" will give you: - the TWO simple things you need to do to get rid of those credit card debts that will take just two minutes a day; - a system that will not affect your lifestyle, you can still go to the pub - a system that will not require you to develop budgets or even face the debt monster until YOU are ready to; - the reason why YOU will automatically cause a snowball affect to pay off your credit card debts faster than you thought possible; - how thinking about your debts will become a positive thought in your life, rather than an enormous headache; - the advantages gained when disaster hits and another big expense / bill comes along. The biggest benefit "How to pay off credit card debts" gave me was the elimination of the constant headache every time I thought about my credit cards. Stop paying out for those headache pills, for a headache that is not going to go away unless you take direct action. "How to pay off credit card debts" is cheaper than the pills and it has a much longer lasting effect Read less

Number of Pages 34
Author Maddock, Sue
Target Audience Trade
Publisher Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN-13 9781480290501
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.00 x 9.00 x 0.08 Inches
ISBN-10 1480290505

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