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Under the Roses Lenormand - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • Under the Roses Lenormand is a gentle petit Lenormand deck with Edwardian-style imagery. There are the standard 36
  • cards, plus extra Child, Gentleman and Lady cards. Previously self-published, it's now in print from US Games.

Name Under the Roses Lenormand
Creators Kendra Hurteau, Katrina Hill
Publisher US Games 2014
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 39
Card Size 2.25 x 3.50 in. = 5.72cm x 8.89cm
Card Language English
Card Back Non-reversible
Back Design Dark red rose on a sepia toned background.
Companion Material 55-page little white booklet.


“Under the Roses Lenormand” is comprised of 36 images based on the Petit Lenormand, along with alternate images for Child, Gentleman, and Lady (one based on European ancestry, one based on African ancestry). In the introduction we learn that “under the roses” is a euphemism for buried secrets (from the Latin phrase “sub rosa”). In classical Roman times the rose was the symbol for confidentiality and secrets. Heaven knows there are secrets that can come out in a reading! The deck comes with a 55 page LWB.

Note: In general, the Lenormand oracle cards originated with Mlle. Lenormand, a well-known card reader who died in 1843. The Petit Lenormand was named for her, and published not long after her death.

The images in the Petit Lenormand are used to identify past, present, and future influences in the Seeker’s life. As an oracle, this deck can be used for any issue or topic, by any and all levels of reader. The cards are 2 ” by 3 ” – perfect for smaller hands like mine, but still able to be used comfortable by individuals with larger hands. The card back shows a sepia toned background, with a blood red rose in the center, complete with a thorny stem and green leaves. The card faces show a sepia toned background and border, with minimalist imagery. The card number is in the upper left hand corner, with the equivalent to the card from a regular playing card deck. For example … The Rider is Number 1, and is equivalent to the 9 of Hearts in a regular playing deck. The card name runs along the bottom of the card, against a white background. The upper right hand and lower left hand corners show a small rose illustrated in black. A black vine connects the four corners.

The LWB presents the keywords for the cards only … no image is shown. The keywords are taken from various Lenormand traditions. It is suggested that if a reader is used to using a specific Lenormand system, that they continue to do so with these cards.

The LWB discusses how to read the cards, noting that they are read analytically, rather than intuitively. In getting ready to read the deck, it is noted that only 36 cards are to be used, so the reader will need to determine which version of the alternate cards to use, and set the remaining three aside. The cards are meant to be read in combination, so their meanings will change depending on the cards they are paired with.

Spreads include a Two-Card Combo, a Three-Card Combo, a Five-Card Line, a five-card Under The Roses Spread, a Nine-Card Spread, an 18 card Petit Tableau, and a 36-Card Grand Tableau. Advanced techniques are discussed at the end of the LWB.

Of the duplicate cards (Child, Gentleman, and Lady), I was drawn to The Gentleman (Number 28, the Ace of Hearts). One version shows a well dressed young gentleman of African ancestry, facing the reader, but looking to the right hand side of the card. The second version shows a well dressed young gentleman of European ancestry. He also faces the reader, but is looking to the right hand side of the card. He is holding a rose in his right hand. Keywords include Male Significator, Young Man, Man You Are Close To, Partner, Friend, Masculinity, Professional, Outward Focus, Logic, Powerful, and Consciousness.

The House (Number 4, the King of Hearts) shows a very Edwardian type house, with greenery in the background. Keywords here include Home, Residence, Property, Domestic Affairs, Familiarity, Family, Security, Stability, Settling, Harmony, Materialism, Projects, and Inheritance.

The place or family in which one is most comfortable.

The Bouquet (Number 9, the Queen of Spades) shows a bouquet or red roses, in white paper, tied with a red ribbon. Keywords here include Gifts, Abundance, Friendship, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Love, Healing, Wishes, Improvement, Beauty, Charm, Good Fortune, Acknowledgment.

A wish come true, or a gift received.

The Crossroads (Number 22, the Queen of Diamonds) shows a night scene, with a path branching off in three directions, with a black pole in between two of them, with two lit lanterns on top of it. Keywords include Choices, Way, Decision, Options, Journey, Wandering, Plans, Idea, Destiny, Directions, Alternatives, Escape, Route, Junction, Cycle, Divided, Torn, Plots, Free Will.

A decision to be made, or a direction to take.

This is a very gentle deck, with a nice, Edwardian feel to it. The art is minimalist, and is held together by the sepia tones. Several cards use the rose imagery, including The Bouquet. The Gentleman, The Lady, The Cross, The Sickle, The Dog, The Garden, The Locket, and The Ring. Whimsical cards include The Bear (which features a brown bear, standing, with a fish in its mouth), The Key (which shows a female hand about to unlock a door), The Owls (which shows two Owls on a branch), The Child (which shows a young girl chasing butterflies with a net), and The Dog (which shows a dog sitting, with a rose in its mouth).

I would feel comfortable offering this deck to clients of all backgrounds, and all ages.

Combine shipping is possible.

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