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Toltec Oracle - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • The Toltec Oracle is a deck of 33 cards, featuring colorful artwork from original 16th-century Toltec sources. The deck
  • incorporates Toltec spiritual principles and is intended to be a path for self-development, rather than fortunetelling.

Name Toltec Oracle
Creators Victor Sanchez
Publisher Bear & Co
Deck Type Tarot Deck
Cards 33


According to the Toltecs, two interconnected and opposing energies propel evolution. Opposites complement each other and say, ‘You are my other self and we must co-exist’. To be ‘impeccable’, we must use this energy wisely and in this way, we become a ‘warrior’. We must also speak out loud to the deities (the Poderos) and develop a rapport and make offerings as this is how warriors sustain their path.

There are two decks of cards, the first set is the 20 Tonalpohualli and the second set, the 13 Rulers or deities. These are laid on the chart depicting the Cross of Ketsalkoatl which is divided into quadrants upon which the Tonal cards are placed with a Ruler in the centre. There are two options for each quadrant, for instance the Tonalkoatl quadrant provides a physical or work option related to the card placed upon it.

The cards can be used for a general life reading, for a deeper reading, to answer specific questions or provide answers to problems, to learn Toltec knowledge of life or to support your warrior life path. There are many exercises described in the book to develop an understanding of the ancient concepts of Toltec life.

It is suggested the interpreter use the oracle for their own life until they are thoroughly familiar with it, prior to reading for others. It is not the role of the interpreter to forecast the future or tell the enquirer what course of action to take. The interpreter is a companion, not an authority.

The creation of a setting for the reading is suggested; for instance, flowers, candles and incense. Consider an open question without a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. The most simple reading is to fan out cards and choose one of each deck. I picked the following for the question, what shall I do today?:

Tonal Card 6 Mikistli: Death, seated upon a red throne, symbolising renewal of life, provides a sacred symbol at it watches us through an instrument called the tlachialoni which was used to calculate the movement of celestial objects in the sky, the passing of time and the duration of life. Life and death are partners. An ending provides a beginning. There is to be no denial of death. The impermanence of life needs to be at the core of our philosophy and spirituality. It is the only thing we are certain will happen. Embrace it and it will give you a greater appreciation of the preciousness of life, to live as fully as possible, with purpose and caring. Death is not a time to grieve but a time to celebrate, not an enemy but an honoured guest.

Ruler Card 5 Ketsalkoatl (translated as Feathered Serpent). It is the main symbol of Toltec culture and represents a fusion of opposites, eagle and serpent coming together in union as dark comes together with light at this time. Here, unlike other spiritual traditions where good fights and destroys evil, the tension between opposites is a creative and sacred space. Ketsalkoatl is the most important aspect of God for the Toltecs and Mayans. This deity created the world, invented corn and human beings. A great political and spiritual figure, 1000 years ago, bore this name and is considered a saint. During his time in power, the Toltec achieved the peak of their development. He is a role model of self-development. He lends his understanding to the reading.

Fascinating and a huge amount to learn about the ancient people of MesoAmerica!

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