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The Rhythm of Life - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

Price: US $15.56

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About this item
  • The Rhythm of Life has 36 inspirational cards, each featuring illuminating words written in rhyming verse by Australian
  • psychic, Narelle Scurr. It's designed to offer daily guidance and clarify specific issues relating to the rhythm of your life.

Name The Rhythm of Life
Creators Narelle Scurr
Publisher Indigo Tarot 2015
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 36
Card Size 3.94 x 3.94 in. = 10.00cm x 10.00cm
Card Language English
Companion Material A 44-page guidebook is packaged with the cards.

and gentle tone. The cards are white with a pretty edging of small flecks. The main focus is a flower, each with an array of soft colours blending. The main circle of the flower has a number within, this connects to the relevant in-depth description in the main booklet.

There are 36 inspirational cards written with easy to read and understand type and rhyming verses according to the individual card. The cards are 10cm X 10cm square and are light weight to hold and carry, even the packaging is a soft and lighter material than most reading card boxes. If i want to take a selection of cards in my handbag I tend to go for ones that are lighter to transport. The Rhythm of Life Cards fit the bill.

Accompanying the cards is a booklet that is easy to follow and also numbered according to the relevant card picked. The verse on the card is also written inside the page together with the correct number that is also displayed on the card, this makes referencing quick and easy. The verse allows for a beautiful transition of language in rhyme that both inspires and relates to the sitter. A theme of positive motivation and guidence is gently released through the verse of each card. Narelle takes us on a gentle journey of our past, present showing what has or is currently going on within our lives, we are reminded that the future is of our making in a way of showing us wisdom and knowledge that we have gained along the way. This allows the sitter to see things clearly and in a way of enlightenment too. The penny drops and a sense of understanding is reached. Narelle has used subtle and delicate undertones to point towards direction and encouragement.

The rhymes speak to us in a language of knowing that our minds subconsciously need to hear. They can be interpreted in such a way that we become uplifted and inspired to act open them with the best intentions and that by doing so we are working from a good place.

I sat with the cards and gave them my essence, I shuffled the pack and asked what the New Year ahead would mean for me. The card I picked is as follows:

"Number 19. Light of the World.

From the heart centre you now shine, taking pleasure in life's blessings, so divine. Good health, inner strength, success is assured, abundance, contentment and new opportunities are your reward."

The booklet also shows this verse and explains the rhyme in more depth. This is the explanation in the book:

"Your light shines in your centre. You have learned the right use of compassion and power. Your rewards are joy, success and fulfillment.

It is a time of optimism, positive action and clear vision. You have the energy and strength to succeed.

All is well. Good health and success is assured. A happy marriage, material wealth or other rewards have come through hard work.

You are a positive person, always uplifting others. You have the energy to bounce back from hard times with a new experience to add. You are strong.

You shield the weak and empower others with your optimism. It's now your turn to be protected, loved and happy.

Take pleasure in all things and enjoy dancing, romancing and joy for joy's sake.

It's your time to shine your own Light of the World."

I have spent time going through each individual card and reading the verses and their meanings, they are a great source of daily inspiration as well as a great tool to use as a deck of cards for readings. These cards can be used as individuals or to use as an a-compliment to other reading cards or intuitive readings.

These cards resonate with me for they are beautiful crafted and speak in a way that is to the point but that enables the person to understand the message.

Truly stunning cards!

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