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Tarot of the Witches - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

Price: US $14.40

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About this item
  • Also known as James Bond 007 Tarot

Name Tarot of the Witches
Alternate Names James Bond 007 Tarot
Creators Fergus Hall
Publisher US Games 1976
Deck Type Tarot Deck
Cards 78

ly sinister edge too them. Everything is wildly out of proportion and etherially coloured yet somehow it all works. If anyone asked me why, I really couldn't say, but the humour in the pictures seems to conceal but invite you to look deeper in the same breath.

On a practical level, the numbered cards of the minor arcana are pip cards only, which I know will deter many from this deck. Whilst I love the richness of the Rider and similar decks I will always have room for the more traditional approach. Often it can be an advantage. A card may have one particular emphasis in the Rider system while having another in the Crowley Thoth system. Many non-standard decks give their own particular slant, adding further to the confusion. With traditional pip cards such as these and an overall knowledge of other systems the pips can mean whatever your intuition tells you. The possibilities are greatly enhanced.

I would thoroughly recommend the accompanying Tarot of the Witches book by Stuart R. Kaplan. This gives detailed descriptions of the Major cards and the artist's thinking behind them. Reading this greatly enhanced my appreciation of the deck and its sheer originality.

Downsides: The name! This was the deck used in the film 'Live and Let Die' and was originally marketed as the '007 Tarot Deck'. Who takes credit for the present marketing concept I do not know for this seems to have little or nothing to do with witchcraft. If that's what you want, see Ellen Cannon Reed's wonderful deck. Secondly, the dreaded U.S. Games generic tartan back design. The artist may be scottish but the pink and beige tartan on the back of the cards does no justice to what's on the front of them. Change it, please!

To sum up, don't let any minor quibbles such as those mentioned put you off. This is a highly original and I think very beautiful deck. See for yourself. I can guarantee you will either love it or hate it!

** TRIVIA **

Next time you see 'Live and Let Die' look closely at Solitaire's cards. Her deck had a co uple of illustrated minors that weren't published with the commercial issue - a lovely six of swords complete with boat and a verdant seven of wands with warrior. You may also see a few Rider and Albano Waite cards from time to time!

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