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Tarot de St. Croix - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • Tarot de St. Croix is a contemporary, multicultural deck which was inspired by current affairs, mythology, synchronicity
  • and the artist's personal experiences. It has 78 cards with unique images intuitively illustrated in rich oil paints.

Name Tarot de St. Croix
Creators Lisa de St. Croix
Publisher Self Published 2014
Deck Type Tarot Deck
Cards 78
Major Arcana 22
Minor Arcana 56
Card Language English
Extra Info Read an nterview with Lisa de St. Croix, creator of the Tarot de St. Croix.


Reading the booklet and expanded description on Lisa's blog reveals her own creative journey as deeply personal and intuitive. The artist does not shy away from the range of emotions that naturally surface when immersed in this work. Her gentle yet powerful words describing each card's meaning, echo the journey we all share. Along with the seeds of hope and positivity planted in each card - the message of each visually and verbally is immediately relateable.

As I walk through the deck, I am struck by the perfect blend of mystery and clarity. The color palette is cohesive and the warm golden-hued borders compliment each image. I can't imagine the task of creating 78 paintings, each a beautiful story on its own - and have them come together after a long process and still fit together so well.

I selected four cards to write about, a hard choice as they all speak to me.

The Moon: a diving woman reaches into the deep sea to touch the full moon, between the two columns from the High Priestess card, each column crowned with a pink water lily. A crescent moon gleams above. It's a beautiful card that shimmers with layers of color and depth. Lisa writes about a trauma she experienced "There is something very profound about being so swamped by feeling, I feel surrounded by spirit."

If we allow ourselves to feel our emotions, instead of drowning in them, we can come to understanding and healing. I love the details on this card, the splash where her dive broke the surface, the air bubbles (which remind me to 'breathe'!) And of course the lovely bright pink water lilies - an unexpected delight.

The Hanged Man: Again, we see the many layers that a skilled painter's brush strokes can achieve, in the sky and clouds and tree bark, and in the Hanged Man. He is made of stars and dark night sky, suspended in glittering contrast to the dreamy blue twilight sky and drifting pastel clouds.

Lisa writes on her blog: "Even though he is back lit by a glowing full moon he is travelling deep into space to a distant star which ignites his heart. At his third eye is a new moon, a symbol of potential".

This card speaks about getting new perspective and suggests travel to the unconscious and shamanic realms. For those who are interested in exploring the shamanic journey, Lisa's Hanged Man is a perfect meditative companion.

Eight of Wands: This card buzzes and hums with life, but at the same time calls us to action. In my own backyard as well as in the theme of this card, hummingbirds and bees perform their joyful dancing flights seeking nectar and pollen. Lisa captures the vibrant iridescence of the hummingbird and many busy bees amidst penstemon stalks. She calls us to action however, as the bees are dying worldwide now due to our negative impact on the planet with pesticide use. I so appreciate this card and the opportunity to shed more light on this issue.

Eight of Swords: The raven stands "trapped" in a circle of eight swords in a vast desert. The mind can be an effective jailer. That prison cell is one we walk into ourselves, but it is truly an illusion. As Lisa writes that "Raven is a highly intelligent bird" and "if we change our mindset, we can step out of the cage and fly free".

There is that seed of positivity, a reminder, in this card. In it we can almost see raven going through that thought process as she/he peaks through the swords at the yellow desert sands, far hills and endless clear blue skies.

Lisa de St. Croix's Tarot de St. Croix with its vibrant and soul stirring imagery, would make a beautiful and empowering gift, and an important addition to your Tarot Library.

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