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Stone Tarot - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

Price: US $15.56

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About this item
  • The Stone Tarot is reproduced from original oil paintings and uses primary colours to evoke emotional and spiritual
  • responses. The deck is available directly from the artist.

Name Stone Tarot
Creators Alison Stone
Publisher Self Published
Deck Type Tarot Deck
Cards 78


Most of my decks are purchased through the internet and I have to remember that it's sort of like selecting red paint from paint chips - watch out baby, you may end up with pink walls.

But when I got the Stone Tarot, I didn't get pink walls, I got red, red, red that was visually promised in all the online pictures. I don't care if you are a first time Tarotist or a rock star…..if you have a love for Tarot and a serious desire to learn about yourself - add this deck to your life.

Cutting to the noodle, The Stone Tarot is a richly developed journey linking the readers and querents alike with the subconscious and the paths that have led to the now and the future. This deck is intuitive, all one has to do is forget any pretensions, get naked and receive the wisdom. Look at the pictures and the horizons…observe the womb-like settings reflecting the deep forests of the mind. Think about how the colors vibrate into your own chakra experience - and just feel the inspiration.

The artist obviously works from a plane of color that surpasses the ordinary and jets you into a higher vibration. The card that met me when I first held the deck in my hands, was the VIII Strength trump. If you don't already have a deck to view, go online and pull up this image. You will see exquisite beauty and the look on the lion's face is like none other in any of the many published decks.

The mistress, with her hair rippling like a determined red-gold river behind her head and over the back of the lion almost meeting his tail, which takes on the same color by the way… effortlessly pushes her hand into the lion's mouth. You tell me, is this a familiar expression or is this something you might not have noticed? Regardless, it's noteworthy because it indicates how the cards will tell you things through color, expression and brilliant light.

Turn your brain off with this deck! Feel the colors, the vibrations and let your own universe talk to you. This artist informs us with the colors and backgrounds that are imbued with the intrinsic messages of the Major and Minor Arcana... and what a kick, she also includes the light bulbs.

The Major Aracana Trump, III Empress, is one of my favorites for its wonderful colors and light shining from her celestial crown. (Notice the light bulbs in the crown lighting up the entire card.) It just doesn't matter if you are a little grasshopper Tarotist, or one of the mighty ones - there is no hierarchy here….this deck meets you where you are in your own sweet knowledge.

After working with the cards for a while, I began to notice that I really didn't miss the peopled illustrations in the Minor Arcana, that we usually find in many decks - because…..I am those people. Paying attention to our scribe's colors and positions of the symbols leads us to the divinations and truths we seek. She includes a little white book that helps to validate our intuitive or psychic prowess.

This deck was published in 2000 by Ms Alison Stone and printed by Champagne Lafayett Communications Inc., Natick, MA, US. Ms. Stone is a Tarot scribe whose messages photosynthesize from her magnificent painting of colors, form and light into fresh revelations. So, grasshoppers and rock stars, get the color, get the wisdom and fly, this deck is your ticket.

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