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Soul Cards - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • Evocative watercolour paintings that invite response. The Soul Cards have no established meaning, it's all up to your
  • intuition to decipher the images.

Name Soul Cards
Creators Deborah Koff-Chapin
Publisher Center for Touch Drawing
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 60


The use of colors and the images themselves tell you what you need to know. As you can see in the images, you notice the colors and then the people and how they must feel or their thoughts. There are 60 cards in each Soul cards deck. They can be used separately or together to make the deck itself 120 cards.

These cards are great for those who wish to read for themselves and others. Here at Seven Rays Bookstore, someone finally purchased a set of Soul Cards and we were amazed at the art work and how easy they are to read. Since then many of the psychics who work here have purchased these cards for readings not only for themselves but for professional readings as well.

They are also great for beginners. As many times we tell beginners to just pick a card a day and write down what you see, feel and get from the cards then refer back to the book. Here there is no book to refer to, thus no right and wrong way of reading the cards themselves.

There are subtle symbols in the cards themselves. One only has to look to see them. Again, these cards are a must for beginners and professionals.

Soul Cards 1: These powerfully evocative images to stimulate personal insight, creativity, inter-relational conversation and more. They speak directly to your soul. The only thing that accompanies these cards is a little booklet that suggests creative ways to deepen your experience of the cards and foster personal insite.

Soul Cards 2: Images drawn from depths of the human psyche. The images evoke profound insight and inspiration. This deck can stand fully on it's own but also enriches, compliments and expands the scope of the original deck. Again this set comes with a little booklet that suggests a wealth of ways to use the deck on it's own and in combination with the original deck.

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