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Fairy Ring Oracle - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • The Fairy Ring Oracle is the very beautiful second deck from the creators of the Sacred Circle Tarot. This one is based on British and Irish fairy legends and has fours suits of fourteen cards and eight 'fairy festival' cards.

Name Fairy Ring Oracle
Creators Anna Franklin, Paul Mason
Publisher Llewellyn 2002
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 60
Card Back Unknown


The Fairy Ring Oracle, the second deck from Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, creators of the Sacred Circle Tarot, is not a set of a tarot cards but a sixty-card oracle deck. Its cards do not have pretty Victorian fairies with blonde hair and gossamer wings, but the full spectrum of naughty, nice, troublesome and plain malicious fairies and sprites from Britain and Ireland.

The Fairy Ring Oracle it has four suits - the Spring Court, the Summer Court, Autumn Court and Winter Court - and eight 'Fairy Festival' cards representing the Sabbats and Esbats of the year. Each of the suit cards is associated with a figure from the fairy pantheon, like Mab or Gwynn ap Nudd, or one of the Fairy species like Brownie, Leprechaun or Unicorn. The fives are slightly different, being day/night reversals of animal fairies: the Five of the Spring Court is the Fairy Hart upright and the Unicorn reversed.

The cards have dark green borders, and a seasonally themed inner leafy border according to the suit. Created in a very similar photomontage style to the Sacred Circle Tarot - and even with some of the same people - the Fairy Ring's art blends photo and illustration with more finesse. Some cards do show evidence of their computer-generated origins (there are a few female fairies, particularly the White Lady, who look rather like Lara Croft) but graphics programs have come a long way since the Sacred Circle deck was published in 1998. The overall effect of the deck is far smoother and more polished; some of the fairies are blend seamlessly with their background and appear positively realistic. Jack Frost… Fachan… Brownie… Jenny Greenteeth… And Boggart, the Three of the Winter Court... not something I'd like to meet on a cold and dark night. Other cards, like The Elder Queen and, my favourites, the four Sabbat cards of the Fairy Festivals, are just magical.

The Guide to the Fairy Ring is the standard size Llewellyn companion book packaged with the Fairy Oracle cards. It has a quick introduction on the fairies in the deck, a couple of pages of very basic instructions on how to use the cards, and nine different spreads. (Some of these spreads, the Fairy Oak, The Fairy Mound, the Fairy Market and the Fairy Ring are printed on blank white cards the same size as the rest of the deck.) The rest of the book is devoted to explaining the cards, describing the art, the associated fairies traits and legends, divinatory meanings, reversed meanings, and how to work with that fairy. (Or not - it is not recommended to work with a Bogeyman, for example.)

Don't knock it because it's not a tarot deck… if you like fairies, British and Celtic legends, or visually stunning art, don't miss the beautiful Fairy Ring.

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