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Angel Tarot Cards - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • The Angel Tarot Cards is the first tarot from the very popular creator of oracle decks, Doreen Virtue. It's a full set of 78 cards with images of angels, mermaids, unicorns and fairies, designed to be '100 percent gentle, safe, and trustworthy'. It's a simple and very easy to use introduction to tarot cards.

Name Angel Tarot Cards
Creators Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine
Publisher Hay House 2012
Deck Type Tarot Deck
Cards 78
Major Arcana 22
Minor Arcana 56
Suits Air,Water,Fire,Earth
Card Language English

looks and handles more like an oracle deck. The cards are large (3 x 5 inches) and the card stock is robust, but also glossy and slippery. All these factors can make it a challenging deck to shuffle. It comes in a sturdy and colorful box that should last for quite a while. The backs feature an image of Archangel Michael, and are non-reversible. Going by the packaging and overall effect, the theme color of this deck is blue. Silver edging adds a distinctive touch.

A 135-page book fits in the box with the cards. It gives a brief intro and how-to, two spread suggestions, a small B&W picture of each card and a 2-3-para interpretation. Overall the book is useful, or at least worth reading through. It certainly gives enough to get a beginner on track. Although no reversed meanings are specifically given, one could draw both positive and negative interpretations from what is there.

The Major Arcana roughly follows the RWS tradition, with several title variations. The Fool is titled “The Dreamer”; the Hierophant, “Unity”; the Wheel of Fortune, simply “The Wheel”; the Hanged Man, “Awakening”; Death is “Release”; Temperance is “Balance”; the Devil is called “Ego”; the Tower becomes “Life Experience” and Judgment is “Renewal.”

In her little blue book, Doreen Virtue has softened the severity of some cards. For example, she interprets the fifteenth card, Ego, as a false sense of entrapment and over-focus on material life. The sixteenth card, Life Experience, is described as a wake-up call, “a moment both of freedom and awakening.” Whether you like these changes of title and interpretation is of course an individual matter.

Each Major Arcana card depicts a corresponding Archangel, with some double-up attributions (eg, Archangel Michael shows on three cards: the Emperor, the Wheel and the World. Gabriel represents both the Empress and Awakening). For those who aren’t familiar with their roles, a brief introduction to each Archangel follows the interpretations given in the book.

The top of every Court card gives a few words about the person it represents. I find these keywords trite and stereotypical, hardly doing justice to the possible richness within each person, so I ignore them. Throughout the entire deck there is a also 2-3 line interpretation at the bottom of each card, perhaps useful as a prompt for deeper analysis. Beginners will appreciate this; experienced readers may find it annoying. For me, some of these two-liners offered ideas I’d never thought of before.

For Minor suit titles, the deck’s creators have used the traditional elemental attributions Fire, Water, Air and Earth, de-emphasizing the symbolic tools. You’ll still see plenty of the latter in the card images, though in the Air suit the swords are mostly replaced by unicorn horns.

Yes, you read it right, unicorns. Not only that but fairies feature in the Earth suit; dragons in Fire; mermaids, whales and dolphins in Water. All these in an angel tarot, you may ask? Some may love these inclusions; others might feel that in combining angelic and mythical representations, Doreen Virtue has packed too much into one deck.

While the card images aren’t exactly borderless, they are framed by flat colors to distinguish each suit. The Major Arcana is bordered by purple, Wands by russet, Cups by aqua, Air by blue and Earth by green. This scheme adds to the overall colorfulness—which gets me on to the next point.

The drawcard (excuse the pun) of this deck has to be the artwork. Steve A Roberts has done an admirable job of creating lush and fantastical landscapes, taking the viewer to what looks like an exotic tropical planet. I find some face renderings a little disappointing (eg. the angel in the Lovers; the mer-people in the Ten of Water), and that the oceans in the Water suit all seem to be the same shade of blue, but this is quibbling. While the artist has reused backdrops here and there (eg. Eight and Nine of Earth), for me this didn’t detract.

At first I worried that the visual lushness would overwhelm this deck’s readability, but so far I find it remarkably accurate. Sometimes I miss the more explicit symbolic details given in (say) the RWS deck, but nevertheless this one works for me.

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