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Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess brings together the tarot archetypes, affirmations, and the essence of the divine feminine, in a visually stunning set of 22 cards. The companion book is a solid 110-page spiritual guidebook.

Name Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess
Creators Pamela Wells
Publisher Art Magic Publishing 2009
Deck Type Tarot Deck
Cards 22
Major Arcana 22
Card Language English
Card Back Non-reversible
Back Design Jaguar in lush jungle.
Companion Material 110-page bound companion book also by Pamela Wells.


The Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess set is a tarot-inspired set of 22 wisdom cards intended for contemplation, and increasing self-knowledge and awareness.

The set combines tarot (the 22 cards are also linked with the major arcana of the tarot); affirmations (there is a major affirmation printed on each card and more affirmation work in the book); and divine feminine energy (the everyday goddesses: the illustrated women who are mothers, teachers, professionals, daughters and wives).

There are 22 self-confident, assertive, strong women on these cards, which are illustrated with lush, vivid colours in almost hyper-real detail. The cards are all rather stunning, but there are some stand-outs: The Star and the Emperor. The Star has fairly traditional symbolism of an elegant woman pouring water into a lake, under a star-dotted sky (though she is wearing a gauzy toga rather than being nude). The Emperor on the other hand shows a confident, proud dark-skinned woman with a sceptre in her hand, an eagle on her arm and a lion by her side. Her affirmation: ‘I lead with wisdom, integrity and virtue.’

As is made obvious by the card titles, these ‘wisdom cards for contemplation and prayer’ are also a beautifully designed majors-only art tarot. The cards have standard tarot titles (with a two slight exceptions: instead of the Hanged Man there is the Hanged One, and there is a High Priest instead of a Hierophant) and very recognisable tarot symbolism.

Physically, the cards are large - 9.5cm by 14cm – and on the big side for shuffling but a good size for meditation or contemplation, either in the hand or on an altar. They are glossily laminated with smooth, rounded corners, but are not so slippery that they want to slide off the table. The borders on the face of the cards are brown at first glance but also have a golden shimmer thanks to the gold ink overlay (also used on the box). The backs of the cards have a nature design: a close-up image of a jungle and a jaguar stalking out of the leaves.

The 110-page companion book, the ‘spiritual guidebook for contemplation and prayer’, begins by introducing spiritual concepts important for the deck: archetypes and how they work, the tarot majors, receiving inner guidance and how to recognise it, states of awareness and the feminine/goddess principles and ‘developmental tasks’ they involve. Once the reader is familiar with the concepts, the card meanings and exploration follow. There is not just a description and a few keywords in this book; Pamela has written a complete spiritual guidebook for the cards, built around the corresponding affirmations.

There is a black and white image of each card, with the title and affirmation from the card repeated, and a little about the tarot archetype and what it symbolises. The main portion of the meaning is (for example for The Hermit) ‘Affirming the Hermit’, with a relevant inspirational quote and spiritual advice on how to encourage and recognise that energy in your life. To help contemplation of the card and its energy, Pamela also gives a series of questions to ask yourself, and to ponder on the answers.

Not content to finish there, there is also an exercise linked with the card and sometimes also a poem. The exercises bring the energy into your physical life, and might be producing a piece of art, a meditation, exploring of your shadow side, performing a tarot spread, making a meal or planning your perfect day. Finally, there is a key question to ask yourself. For the Wheel of Fortune, it’s 'May I Understand the nature of God'.

This is the first deck project from Pamela Wells, a California based artist, illustrator and graphic designer. What’s really impressive is that she is not only the artist who created the cards and author of the companion book, but also the box designer, book typesetter, editor, organiser of printing and production, and the distributor and marketer of the completed set. What is more, the finished product is of a very high degree of quality in general and in detail, with the only downside being the odd typo and spelling error (which are hard to pick up if one is both writer and editor).

As well as being an art tarot worth collecting, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is a unique tool for spiritual guidance and self-development through affirmations. There is a lot to work with here: tarot symbolism, affirmations, and the book’s thoughtful questions and practical exercises. And on top of that - the cards are also available as an Phone app. These cards are just gorgeous in print, and on a computer screen they are positively luminous.

(To find out more about Pamela’s journey to self-publish her deck, read her nterview with Kris Waldherr.)

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