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Mermaids Tarot - CARDS - tarot cards

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot Cards

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About this item
  • Pack information: 78 cards with booklet
    Card dimensions: 70 x 120 mm
  • Pietro Alligo & Mauro De Luca

    They say: In the Greek tradition mermaids are nymphs of the sea,
  • children of Melpomene, the Muse of tragedy, and the river god Achelous, and were friends of Persephone. When the
  • latter was kidnapped by Hades and brought into his infernal kingdom, the gods gave the mermaids wings so that they
  • could go search for her.

    The mermaids therefore became beings who were half woman, half bird. They
  • inhabited an island between Scylla and the land of the magician, Circe, and when sailors passed nearby, the seafarers
  • were so enchanted by their calls that they often shipwrecked. This is why when Ulysses passed near them, he plugged
  • the ears of his men with wax and, not wanting to personally renounce hearing the melodious songs of the sea creatures,
  • he had himself tied the ship's mast. Seeing that the king of Ithaca remained indifferent to their calls, the mermaids threw
  • themselves into the sea, transforming themselves into rocks. This is what classical mythology reports, but the mermaid
  • myth - like that of the Tritons, their male equivalent - is even older and can be dated back to the god of the Babylonians,
  • Oannes, a deity with the tail of a fish who during the night lived in the sea and during the day came to land to infuse
  • men with knowledge. A similar god, called Dogon, belongs to the Philistine tradition as well. Whereas in Greek myth the
  • mermaids devoured sailors who had the misfortune of wrecking their ships on their shores, during the Middle Ages they
  • were seductresses at the service of the Devil and are depicted with long hair, a symbol of their lust. These creatures
  • belong to the most diverse cultures. In the Persian Gulf, tales are told about Debra Kahn, a merman who yells out false
  • commands to the ears of helmsmen during storms. In the popular fairy tale of northern Italy, we find ethereal feminine
  • beings called 'Melusine' or Anguane' with the tails of snakes who live in ponds and swamps.

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