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Revelations Tarot - tarot decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Tarot decks

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About this item
  • Also known as Adflatus Tarot

Name Revelations Tarot
Alternate Names Adflatus Tarot
Creators Zach Wong
Publisher Llewellyn 2005
Deck Type Tarot Deck
Cards 78
Major Arcana 22
Minor Arcana 56
Deck Tradition Rider-Waite-Smith
Cups, Swords, Wands, Pentacles Court Cards
Page, Knight, Queen, King Major Titles
The Fool is 0
Strength is 8
Justice is 11
Card Size 2.75 x 4.63 in. = 6.99cm x 11.75cm
Card Language English
Card Back Reversible
Back Design Swirling hues of purple


Zach Wong grew up in Malaysia, where he studied Western and Asian mythology. He now lives in Australia, where he works in illustration/graphic design. This gentleman is incredibly talented, has a vivid imagination, and has gifted the world with a deck that you really need to pay attention to. It follows the 'rules", then goes way beyond them!

In creating this deck, Wong was interested in the myriad levels of meaning that each of the cards have, and in portraying the cards in a manner that would lend itself to multiple levels of interpretation. One of the ways in which he managed to do this was to place back to back illustrations on each card - the upright version lends itself to a certain meaning, and the reversed version lends itself to another meaning.

In the Major Arcana, the archetypal journey, we find masks on each of the figures. I found this incredibly cool (but then, I am also contemplating putting theater masks on my living room wall!)! Wong did the Major Arcana in a style that he terms similar to stained glass, with each image representing a lesson to be learned, a being to be studied, or a situation. The mask acts to bring in the "human" element. Wong sees the Minor Arcana as "lesser" versions of the lessons from the Major Arcana.

This is a traditional 78 card deck, which comes with a companion book and a black organdy bag. There are two extra cards, which carry the templates for the Horoscope Spread and the Seven Days Spread. The cards are approximately 2 3/4" by 4 3/4", a nice size for smaller hands. They are on good quality, glossy cardstock. The backs of the cards are dark blue, with black sworls running throughout in a theme that strongly resembles a lemnescate. It would not be possible to tell if the card had been drawn in the upright or the reversed position.

The card faces have a 1/4" white border, with the card number at the top in black against a white background, with the card title in the bottom, in black against a white background. One of the most interesting cards for me is Death. in the upright position, we see the Goddess Kali dancing within a skull. Reversed, we see the transformative quality of Death in the pose of a newborn baby entwined in bloody tendrils - hope emerging from the worst of situations.

The Hermit, being one of my birth cards, has always been a favorite with me, in any deck. In the upright version, we see a Druid holding a lamp with a six-rayed star in front of him. He represents Knowledge and tradition. The upright version is very much at peace, the reversed version highly chaotic - someone running from their demons.

The Magician is a fascinating card. Against a bright green background, we see a masked, red robed figure, with a lemnescate hovering over his head, his staff held straight and upright. In the upper left hand corner we see a white dove. The reversed figure wears purple robes, and holds a crooked staff in his hand (indicating the haphazard nature of his mind and his powers).

The Ace of Cups carries a very powerful image - against a background of blue and purple sworls, we see an ornate golden cup overflowing. Looking closely at the top of the stem, on the right hand side, it looks to me like the figure of a person with their arms held over them, helping to bear the weight of the cup. This is one card that the reversed images, which is supposed to show an empty cup, does not work for me.

The Five of Pentacles is quite an eye-catching card - against a royal purple background we see five pentacles forming a circle. In the upright position, we see a figure reclining over the top pentacle, one hand held out, as if asking for help. In the reverse position, we see another figure, this time kneeling on one pentacle, with one hand bracing themselves on another pentacle. Their right arm is held over their left shoulder, and they are looking to the left and up. Neither figure appears to be very happy, and they both have the appearance of low energy.

The Queen of Pentacles is another figure that we see against a green background. In the upright position, she appears to be drawing inward, and seems to be at peace with her environment. She is flanked by two green pillars, and is crowned with red roses. The reverse Queen, quite frankly, appears to have imbibed a bit and be enjoying herself way to much! She pays attention to herself and her own needs, rather than to the needs of those around her.

The colors in this deck have great depth - whether they are meant to be dark or light. The style is very much fantasy, but the meanings come across if one pays attention to the symbols within the card. This would not necessarily be a deck for beginners, but it certainly is a deck that lends itself to both readings and meditation, and could very well be used in ritual work. It is an excellent deck to expand your Tarot horizons with!

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