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Tantric Dakini Oracle - oracle decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Oracle decks

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About this item
  • The Tantric Dakini Oracle is a set of 65 cards with collages of surrealistic images, based on teaching of the Eastern
  • Tantric tradition. The cards were formerly published as the ecret Dakini Oracle.

Name Tantric Dakini Oracle
Creators Penny Slinger, Nik Douglas
Publisher Destiny Books
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 65


0 Joker - Fool
1 Mercury - Magician
2 Isis: The High Priestess - High Priestess
3 Scarlet Woman - Empress
4 Hot Seat - Emperor
5 Ganesh: Lord of Obstacles - Hierophant
6 Wish Fulfulling Gem - Lovers
7 Cremation Ground/Meditation - Chariot
8 Living Goddess - Justice
9 Way Through - Hermit
10 Wheel of Great Time - Wheel of Fortune
11 Self-Created - Strength
12 Stay the Ego - Hanged Man
13 Death/Transfiguration - Death
14 Puja/Purification - Temperance
15 Ally - Devil
16 Holocost - Tower
17 Island of Jewels - Star
18 Soma - Moon
19 Phoenix - Sun
20 Transformation - Judgment
21 Earthbound - World

The Tantric Dakini Oracle is meant to be used not only as a tool of divination, but as a powerful tool for personal transformation. The concept of dakini is that of feminine wisdom-energy, represented in the yoga and tantra mysteries. There are traditionally 64 dakinis, representing archetypal energies, to be found within each person. Their energies can be creative, or they can be destructive - however they manifest, they are the energies that run our lives.

The Tantric Dakini Oracle is done in collage style, blending together the symbols that mirror our subtle energies - the ancient wisdom and memories that works to act as a bridge between our conscious and unconscious selves. Although both systems reflect archetypal energies, my personal feeling is that the correlation seems somewhat forced, and that the authors would have been better off presenting this oracle as a "stand alone".

The cards themselves are 3" by 5" - just hitting that gray area of "hard to use" for smaller hands. They are good quality, non-coated, non-glossy cardstock, and will need to have great care taken of them or they will not hold up over extensive use. The backs have a 1/4" white border, framing a "night sky - universe" type scene. The face of the card also carries the 1/4" white border, with the name and number of the card across the bottom. There is no color scheme or any other manner in which the alleged suits in this deck can be detected. The definitions for the cards will need to be memorized - and some definitions will change depending on the position within the spreads given in the book.

The presentation in the book is a black/white scan of the card, followed by a discussion of the symbols in the card and the divinatory meaning. There are no reversed meanings given. From the book:


Mercury bears the number "1", signifying the truth of unity and invoking the concepts of masculinity as an active function related to the creative intellect.

Two serpents are shown entwined around a central staff, a wand of Mercury, the whole forming the mystic caduceus, the symbol of magickal transformation. The snakes wind around the staff three and one-half times, likening them to the coiled kundalini serpent-energy emanating from the Base or actual center. The staff symbolizes the spinal column, through which the raw serpent-energy travels and is transformed. The aim of awakening the kundalini-energy is to pass the mist potent inner forces upward, piercing and illuminating the inner psychic centers (the chakras), resulting in drops of wisdom distilled in the region of the Head, the seat of the Higher Intellect. This card represents the primordial energy (the inner shakti) transformed alchenically into an elixir, depicted as fluid mercury harnessed as four stable pools. These are related to the main psychic centers of the subtle body, at the Navel, Heart, Throat and Head regions.

This is a symbol of the realization and fulfillment stage of tantric practice, as is suggested by the crowns on the heads of the snakes. The background reveals itself as a black sun, indicating the mystery of energy transformed into something beyond our worldly concepts. Mercury in its raw stage is a poison, but if used correctly it can produce gold. This alchemical concept here takes on a psychological meaning: the gold of spirituality and enlightenment.

Divinatory Meaning:

Spiritual fulfillment, enlightenment, distillation, sudden moments of deep realization. The creative intellect exalted. Indicating that all experiences (both positive and negative) should be known and experienced within the subtle body of transformation. Self-control, utilized to achieve ultimate perfection and spiritual goals. The transforming power of the Will, the intentional act. In the Spleen center this indicates a possible danger to health. Otherwise it is very positive. Meditate on the form of the subtle or transformation body.

Other cards that, for me, had powerful symbolic meanings were 39 Serpent Power, with its intense lightening bolt of energy; 33 Eternal Life, with the symbol of the Ankh and the Egyptian God Amen; 21 Earthbound, with the planet earth as viewed from space; 11 Self-Created, with its soothing Lotus flower; and 5 Ganesh: Lord of Obstacles, showing the Lord seated in the center of a spider's web.

The interesting part of this oracle comes in the instructions for doing readings. Again, the Tarot is brought in through the presentation of the traditional Celtic Cross spread. Two further spreads are presented - with the recommendation that the same cards be carried from the Celtic Cross spread to the Tree Of Life Chart, as the spreads build on each other. The Tree Of Life Chart relates the cards to the Chakra system, and is good for use as a meditative tool as well as for a reading. The final spread, titled the Method of Great Universe Map, is a 13 card spread that follows an astrological theme.

The set-up before the reading is unique in itself. It is recommended that the cards be ordered (placed in numerological order) before each reading so that all readings start "from the same place". The cards are shuffled by the person being read for, then cut into three piles using the left hand. The cards are placed back into one pile, then cut into three piles twice more, bringing the cards back into one pile between each cut.

Another "added value" concept is the use of numbers in the reading - or rather, at the end of the reading. the numbers for all of the cards are added together until they are 21 or less. The resulting number then represents the tone for the entire reading. I plan to use this in future readings - just to see how it works out! Another thought here would be to use the higher number as well as its lower value - i.e. if the cards added up to 21, cards 21 and 3 (2+1) would hold the energy of the reading.

While I disagreed with the seemingly forced comparison with Tarot, I enjoyed using this deck, and felt that it was of value. I would not recommend it as a primary reading deck, but it does have its place in both personal and client readings, and would work well in a comparative reading.

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