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Nomadic Oracle - oracle decks

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Oracle decks

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About this item
  • The Nomadic Oracle is a set of 56 cards that brings together the senses, the five elements, aura and chakra energies. It's deliberately independent of any religious beliefs, but draws on connections with the I Ching. The set includes a full companion book.

Name Nomadic Oracle
Creators Jon Mallek
Publisher Ambient Studio 2010
Publisher Mattang Book 2014
Deck Type Oracle Deck
Cards 56
Companion Material Fully illustrated companion book.


From the outset it is obvious that the Nomadic Oracle is a labour of love. It has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The guidebook for the deck, also a creation of artist and visionary John Mallek is outstanding for the depth of its intelligence and wisdom. The advice and insight one can gain through this deck moves far beyond the average – offering the Seeker deep understanding of spiritual issues, and the way they can manifest in both esoteric and material matters.

The cards are divided into mini-suits of sorts – The Elements and Spirits, The Senses, The Family of the Emotions, The Realm of the Active Path, The Realm of Time, The Realm of Guidance, The Family of Protection, The Realm of Territories, The Realm of Abundance, The Family of Transition, The Infinite Self, and The Jesters. Each of these mini-suits contains between 3 and 6 cards.

This is a 56 card deck; the cards measure 95 x 134 mm which makes them a fairly average size oracle deck. The card stock is very good, light but sturdy and flexible, low gloss and smooth. The cards are easy to handle and shuffle, and do not stick together or clump. The print is high-quality and preserves the subtleties and eccentricities of the images, as well as the artists unusual colour schemes.

The palette is broad but restrained and eschews bright colours. It ranges from murky black and grey work to peculiar colour choices focusing on mustard yellows, blues, tea, flesh tones, gunmetal blue-grey, with flashes of red, orange, green, and violet. The art style is an amalgam of modern techniques including post-Impressionism with touches of surrealism, pointillism, and a sort of kinetic abstractionism. The cards have a broad white border with titles and other designations listed below the image. The cards are not numbered. The print on the back - an abstract multicoloured pattern - is not reversible. The cards are packaged in a lightweight cardboard box coloured blue and magenta, and printed with images from the Nomadic Oracle. The box is sturdy enough to protect the cards but will not stand up to rough or careless handling.

The 465 page guidebook by the Nomadic Oracle’s creator and illustrator John Mallek is an outstanding work. In his words "The Nomadic Oracle is not an 'Angel Pack' – there are villains and vampires, pixies and outright devils described within."

There is a mandatory Introduction which describes the purpose and possible applications of the Nomadic Oracle. It also outlines some of the unusual features of the deck – The Aspect Matrix, The Jesters and how they can change or influence other cards, Multi Dimensional Spreads, and The Healing Oracle.

‘Using the Oracle’ is a 26 page chapter on methods of divination using the Nomadic Oracle. The NO responds to both open readings and specific questions, so the Querent can take either a formal or informal approach to the deck. A seven card spread has been developed specifically to maximise the strengths of the Oracle in relation to a particular question. Detailed information on how to get the most out of this reading, as well as using additional cards and variations is explored in depth. There are also instructions for other spreads included, and these too are covered in great detail.

This is followed by a short chapter on Building a Relationship (with your cards) which details fairly common advice about learning, patience, keeping a journal, and practice makes perfect.

Divinatory meanings for each card are explored in sizeable chapters. Each card is given a specific meaning in relation to the position it may fall on, in a 7 card spread. This is followed by the Commentary which expands the general meaning of the card. This may include spiritual and psychological insights as well as stories that underscore the card’s meaning or illustrate its potential applications. Many of the chapters have an additional blank page intended for the reader’s notes and observations.

The penultimate chapter focuses on Colour Mapping – various colours used in connection with the Oracle represent different elements and thus different energies. ‘Inconclusions’ – the final chapter – details the origins and inspirations that brought about both the deck and guidebook.

This is an exceptional oracle. Very few decks currently on the market function at the high level of the Nomadic Oracle. If you are looking for an Oracle deck that moves beyond pretty pictures and vague new-age platitudes then this deck has been made for you. It takes the Seeker deep into the realms of the mystical, and engages the one at the highest levels of intellect and spirituality, while magically keeping itself grounded in the realities of everyday life. Outstanding!

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