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Lucky Astrology - Aquarius Tapping Into the Powers of Your Sun Sign for Greater Luck, Happiness, Hea

Playing Cards
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About this item
  • Paperback, White Light Publishing House, 2016, ISBN13 9780994505187, ISBN10 0994505183
Are you ready to be empowered by astrology, the planets, the stars and the wider Universe? Do you know what makes your sign really tick, and how you can make the most of the latent luck and power within you? If you would like to know how you can bring more luck, serendipity, personal empowerment, love, money, inspiration, joy and abundance into your life, the wisdom of your Sun sign holds all the clues You are now the holder of the key that can unlock your very own treasure chest of unlimited magical tools Packed with information about all things magical and lucky for your Sun sign, the Lucky Astrology series offers you practical tips, spiritual hints, and everything-in-between to help you powerfully transform your spirit, tap into auspicious astral energies and awaken your authentic self to new possibilities and good fortune through your very own star sign From power flowers to solar totem animals, and special colours to magical days, from inspiring quotes to lunar spell-casting, and favourable places to fortunate charms, from optimal career ideas to special crystals, from propitious days and hours to ancient talismans, and your ruling planet to your lucky Tarot cards, Lucky Astrology: Aquarius offers wonderfully insightful tips and clues on: * Aligning with your authentic true Sun-spirit self to attract more luck * Awakening to your potentials, higher calling, true path and soul's purpose * What you'll need to 'pack' for your life's journey to elicit greater prosperity * How to bring out your strengths to shine brighter - and magnetise wonderful things to you So what are you waiting for? Your amazing, enlightened future self is calling you from between these pages Are you ready to be more lucky from today onwards, using Lucky Astrology? Read less

Number of Pages 320
Number in Series 1
Original Languages English
Author Sharp, Lani
Publisher White Light Publishing House
ISBN-13 9780994505187
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.37 x 0.67 x 7.01 Inches
ISBN-10 0994505183

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