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Well-Being Cards - healing oracle cards

Playing Cards
Playing Cards -> Healing Oracle Cards

Price: US $13.37

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About this item
  • Pack information: 60 card deck contained within a solid box.
    Card dimensions: 89 x 126 mms

  • Author: Esther and Jerry Hicks. Illustrations by Kristina Swarner.

    Back of box says: This
  • beautiful card deck encompasses gems of wisdom gathered from the Abraham-Hicks teachings on practical spirituality.
  • Each of these 60 cards will accentuate your natural state of well-being.

    There is one information card inside
  • the deck with a picture of Jerry and Esther Hicks on it and this message:

  • Friends,
    Words ---- words of new perspectives, words of an
    enlightening perspective, words that were once
  • known
    but somehow forgotten ---- that's what these
    Well-being cards are about.

    Word's don't teach; life
  • experience teaches. But with these
    Abraham-Hicks words fresh in your mind, your every life
    experience will now
  • be more meaningful to you. And
    since nothing is more important that feeling good,
    nothing is more valuable than
  • these processes that will
    allow more of your natural Well-being to flow.

    Have fun with these cards. Let these
  • words inspire
    thoughts that will attract to you more of that which
    evokes your greatest joy.

    From our
  • hearts,
    Jerry and Esther Hicks

    Here are a few examples of the kind of words written on the
  • cards:

    CARD 1 Front:
    Anything I can imagine
    being, doing, or having –
    I can be,
  • do, or have.

    As you ask yourself why you want
    it, the essence of your
  • desire
    is activated – and the Universe
    begins to bring it to you.
    (It’s as easy to create a castle as a
  • button.)

    CARD 2 Front:
    Through the corridor of my joy
    is the pathway to my
  • desire.

    Most say, “When I get that,
    I will be joyful.” But you must be
    joyful first ---- you
  • must start
    with the determination that
    “I will not settle for less
    than feeling good.”

    CARD 3
  • Front:
    I am learning
    that all problems
    resolve themselves.

    When you
  • have a problem,
    a desire exudes forth from you,
    and Source hears it
    and answers it
  • immediately.

    Once you remove your attention
    from the problem, you then allow
  • solution.

    Give birth to the question
    and let it go ---- and allow
    The answer to flow.

    These cards
  • have a nice feeling to them. They are all about creating what you wish in your life. Making us realise that joy is the
  • journey not the destination. These cards empower. They are like going to a motivational seminar where you are
  • encouraged and given new focus. They make us question the boundaries and limitations we perceive in our life.

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